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Schleicher ASW-15

Specifications – ASW-15 (ASW-15B in parenthesis)

Span 15.0 m./ 49.2 ft
Area 10.68 sq. m. / 118.2 sq.ft.
Aspect ratio 20.45
Airfoil FX 61-163, FX 60-126
Empty weight 230 kg. / 507 lb.
Payload 178 kg. / 393 lb.
Gross weight 408 kg. / 900 lb.
(453 kg./ 1,000 lb.)
Wing loading 37.11 kg. / sq. m. / 7.61 lb. / sq. ft.
(41.26 kg./ sq. m./ 8.46 lb./ sq. ft.)
Structure fiberglass-balsa sandwich
L/D max. 38 89 kph / 48 kt / 55 mph
Min. sink 0.55 m/s / 1.8 fps / 1.46 kt
68 kph / 36 kt / 42 mph 
Country of origin Germany
Designer Gerhard Waibel
No. of seats 1
No. built 510
No. in the U.S. about 30
The ASW-15, which first flew in 1968, was Schleicher’s first composite Standard Class design, originally appearing with a fixed wheel and no water ballast in conformity with the then Standard Class rules. It has an all-moving horizontal tail and metal airbrakes for glidepath control. With the modification of the Standard Class rules to allow water ballast and retractable gear, Schleicher fitted a retracting gear, installed 38 kg./ 83 lb. Tanks in each wing and strengthened keel, lengtened cockpit, larger rudder and increased all-up weight. Data in parenthesis in the specifications column pertain to the B-version. ATC