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LET L-13 Blanik  74410035small 74410031small


Span 16.2 m./ 53.1 ft
Area 19.1 sq. m. / 206 sq.ft.
Aspect ratio 13.7
Airfoil NACA 63(2) A-615 root, -612, tip
Empty weight 292 kg. / 644 lb.
Payload 208 kg. / 458 lb.
Gross weight 500 kg. / 1,102 lb.
Wing loading 26.17 kg. / sq. m. / 5.35 lb. / sq. ft.
Structure all metal, except fabric covered control surfaces.

L/D max. 28 90 kph / 49 kt / 56 mph
Min. sink 0.76 m/s / 2.5 fps / 1.48 kt
72 kph / 39 kt / 45 mph

Country of origin Czech Republic
Designer Karel Dlouhy
No. of seats 2
No. built about 2,650
No. in the U.S. approx. 175
Although out of production for a number of years, the Blanik remains one of the most active two-place training and club aircraft throughout the world. An all-metal flush riveted sailplane with fabric covered control surfaces, the Blanik is stressed for aerobatics and has held many two-place records. It is equipped with DFS type airbrakes and Fowler-type flaps. The main wheel has an oleo strut shock absorber and is partially retractable. The horizontal tail surfaces fold up parallel to the fin for transportation and storage. ATC