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Ka-7 Schleicher  

General Details
Manufacturer: Schleicher
Plane Name: Ka-7
Country Of Origin: Germany
Designer: Rudolf Kaiser
No. of Seats 2
No. Built 550
L/DMax: 26 80 kph / 43 kt / 50 mph
MinSink: 0.70 m/s / 2.3 fps / 1.36 kt

Span Area Empty Weight Payload Gross Weight Wing Load
m ft sq.m sq.ft kg lb. kg lb. kg lb. /sq.ft kg
16 52.5 17.56 189 280 616 200 440 480 1056 27.34 5.6
Aspect ratio: 14.6
Airfoil: Go 533, 16/14%
Structure: wood/ fabric wings and tail, steel-tube/ fabric fuselage

The Ka-7 is a two-place tandem trainer which has very effective dive brakes. It onve held the multi-place world record for speed around a 500 km. Triangle at 84 kph/ 45 kt/ 52 mph, set in South Africa in 1964. It succeeded the earlier Ka-2 model, differing mainly by the introduction of a steel tube, fabric covered fuselage in place of wood/ fabric.