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Plane Name:
Nimbus 3
Classified as:Unclassified
Country Of Origin:Germany
Designer:Klaus Holighaus
No. of Seats1
 Performance:L/D max. 57 105 kph / 57 kt / 65 mph
Min. sink 0.48 m/s / 1.57 fps / 0.93 kt
87 kph / 47 kt / 54 mph
Span 24.5 m./ 80.36 ft
Area 16.7 sq. m. / 179.76 sq.ft.
Aspect ratio 35.9
Airfoil Wortmann/ Holighaus
Empty weight 396 kg. / 873 lb.
Payload 304 kg. / 673 lb.
Water ballast 260 kg / 574 lb
Gross weight 700 kg. / 1,546 lb.
Wing loading 41.92 kg. / sq. m. / 9.20 lb. / sq. ft.
Structure carbon fiber composite
Engine:15 kW/ 21 bhp Oehler Solo 2350 turbo

Schempp-Hirthメs replacement for the Nimbus 2 was the Nimbus 3. The original version, which first flew in 1981, has a 22.9 m. wing, which may be increased to 24.5 m. with tip extensions. The wing is in four pieces plus the tip extensions, and is equipped with flaps interconnected with upper surface trailing edge airbrakes. Approach control is assisted by top surface double segment airbrakes. The 24.5 m. tips have spoiler flaps incorporated at the trailing edge. When rolling at large aileron deflection, the spoiler flap deploys to compensate for lack of rudder to permit coordinated flight. The Nimbus 3 won the first 6 places in the Open Class at the 1983 World Soaring Championships at Hobbs, NM, as well as taking 9 of the next 12 places. It also won the first 8 places in the Open Class at the 1985 Worlds at Rieti, Italy. Flight testing by Dick Johnson measured the L/D max. of the 22.9 version (which has an increased gross weigt 750 kg. /1,654 lb.) to be substantially less ヨ about 50 : 1. Tom Knauff of the U.S. won the world goal/ out and return distance record of 1,647 km. / 1,023.4 miles in a Nimbus 3 in 1983. He also won, jointly, the world triangle record at 1,363 km. / 846.9 miles in a Nimbus 3 in 1986. A world record for 100 km and 300 km speed triangles were also made by pilots flying Nimbus 3メs. The sustainer version (Nimbus 3t) has a 15 kW/ 21 bhp Oehler Solo 2350 turbo engine. Specifications are for the Nimbus 3/ 24.5