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Super Cub Specifications

The Piper Super Cub gained certification on November 18, 1949. Initally powered by a Continental C90-12F, improvements over the years resulted in a Lycoming O-320, 150hp in it's final production form. It continued in production until 1981, when all rights were sold to WTA Inc. of Lubbock, Texas. A versatile aircraft, suited to many roles, especially bush flying. Several varients were also constructed for the military, including the L-18,and L-21...differing mainly in horsepower.   


Power: One 150hp Avco Lycoming O-320 flat four

Max Speed: 113kts

Service Ceiling: 19,000ft

Range: 460 miles

Weight Empty: 983lbs

Gross Weight: 1,750lbs

Wing Span: 35ft 2.5in

Length: 22ft 7in

Engine Limits: 2,700rpm 

Airspeed Limits:

Maneuvering...............96mph (83kts) 

Max Structural Cruise.....121mph (105kts) 

Never Exceed..............153mph (133kts) 

Flaps Extended............85mph (74kts) 

Fuel Capacity: 36gal  

Oil Capacity: 8qts