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For fun things to do and activities on the Isle of Wight why not try gliding at Bembridge



Good News ,


Bembridge Airfield now open to PPR (prior permission required)only, except when during the published operating hours. (See Airfield Information page for times).

All Visiting Pilots please read ! the airfield information page

The PPR telephone number can be found on the Airfield Info page. Please do not use the Glider contact number. The Britten Norman web site for Bembridge Airport is now closed.

Please visit for the official Bembridge Airport site. Please bear with us on the content. It is still under construction.


 If you have ever seen a sailplane flying gracefully through the sky you  probably wondered "what does it feel like to do that?"

Soaring in a glider is a wonderful sensation - something that is  almost too difficult to describe in words.

On the Isle of Wight you will find the best fun activity is taking one of our trial lessons.

Gliding is a fun sport and the local views are outstanding

Experience the full majesty of nature in silent flight over one of the  most beautiful locations in the country.

Based at Bembridge Isle of Wight, The airfield is close to local campsites and hotels. Good views are to be had over the Island and shorelines

So - whether you live on the Isle of Wight or whether you are planning a holiday or business trip to the  Island - why not allocate some time to come and visit us at Bembridge Airport and experience the magic of flying a glider.