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Vega T .65 Slingsby  

General Details

Manufacturer: Slingsby                                       Click on an image to see a full size photograph
Plane Name:

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom
Designer: R. Sanders
No. of Seats 1
No. Built 70                                         
L/DMax: 42 111 kph / 60 kt / 69 mph
MinSink: 0.56 m/s / 1.85 fps / 1.10 kt
Span             Area      Empty Weight Payload     Gross Weight Wing Load       Water Ballast
m     ft    sq.m sq.ft     kg     lb.          kg    lb.     kg    lb.        kg/sq.m lb./sq.ft     kg  lb.
15 49.2   10.05 108.2    236 520           272 600    508 1120      50.5      10.35       160 352
Aspect ratio: 22.4 
Airfoil: Wortmann FX 67-K-150
Structure: carbon fiber main spar, Kevlar wing skin, fiberglass fuselage and tail.

The all composite T. 65 was the first sailplane designed from the outset with a carbon fiber mainspar. It first flew in 1977 and conformed to the then new 15 m. racing class rules. The flap and trailing edge airbrake system are operated by a single cockpit control. Trim setting is adjustable by flap setting for hands-off flight at most operating speeds.
Also automatic are the coupling of control and ballast-dumb plumbing on rigging. The Vega features retraction of both the main and tail wheels. The A model has glass wing skins and 100 kg./ 220 lb of water ballast, while the D model has Kevlar skins for added strength and 160 kg./ 352 lb. Of ballast. The T. 65 C model is a Sports Class variant with fixed gear and no flaps. At the time it was produced, the Slingsby company operated under the name Vickers-Slingsby, but the Vickers part was subsequently dropped. Specifications are given for the T. 65 D. ATC.